JANUARY 2022  |  THE studio IS OPEN!
My brand new food and drink photography studio is open and fully operational! I'll be updating this page soon with more details, but feel free to contact me in the meantime for more info.
​​​​​​​NOVEMBER 2021  |  Photography studio planning
It's been a long time coming... I'm in the process of building a dedicated photography studio! 
For so long I've yearned to have a creative space that is dedicated to shooting food and drink, and in December 2021 I'll be moving in.
My shoots are often on location, but sometimes clients simply don't have space available for all my gear. I'm lucky to have a large domestic kitchen, and this has served me well for a few commercial shoots, but has presented challenges when family life creeps in towards the end of the day and my equipment is blocking access to... well... dinner! This will solve all those challenges.
Something that's crucial for food photographers is the ability to complete personal projects on a regular basis, and publish their work online. This helps potential clients understand the photographer's style and creative strengths. This is where having a dedicated space is going to be a huge benefit to me – all my equipment will be permanently set up, so I can throw open the door and start work immediately.
My studio will be available for shoots from January 2022. Watch this space for updates!